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LexCom 19" panels

Range of panels (data, fibre optic, telecom) and accessories for Technical Rooms

Range of panels (data, fibre optic, telecom) and accessories for Technical Rooms

LexCom 19
  • Описание

    The LexCom range can accommodate your total data needs by delivering a flexible and comprehensive range of products, from the Telecom offer to Category 5 and 6 UTP and STP networks, to the latest in Category 6A STP solutions.

    Advanced Fibre Optic – OS1 to OM3 solutions and 19” Power rails combining auto-switched and switched outlets as well as overvoltage, circuit-breaker and earth-leakage options.

    LexCom also delivers innovation in the latest 19” cable management to well-known products such as data rack shelves, tools and earthing devices.



    From the innovative time-saving Quick Fix mounting system of the 19” panels, to the reliability of the performance and quality of renowned systems, LexCom clearly has the installer, the end user and the IT-administrator in mind. Be it the advanced cable management solutions or the simple approach to networking, LexCom takes your data requirements seriously.

    All LexCom products have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, guaranteeing that the performance of your systems meets both today’s and tomorrow’s networking demands. The LexCom comprehensive portfolio and smart features ease installation and maintenance work whilst coping with the highest expectations regarding performance, form and function.

    The main benefits in brief:
    • Quick Fix function on panels
    • All-in-one concept
    • Sliding function for easy access and maintenance
    • Smart cable management for various cable diameters
    • Clear identification, both at rear and front


     LexCom 19” panels are part of a total offer that creates benefits for the most demanding IT network. Be it in offices, medium or large corporate institutions, schools, etc., LexCom has the answers by delivering class-leading innovations in design, usability, performance and style.


    The fine-tuned LexCom portfolio ensures that all customers will benefit from years of proven quality and reliability, a partner for all your IT needs.

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