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Thorsman Cintura

Cable ties for in-door and out-door use

Cable ties for in-door and out-door use

Thorsman Cintura
  • Описание

    Thorsman Cintura ties range includes cable ties with thightening diameters from 18 to 228 mm, available in clear or black color.
    Identification ties are also available. They are intended to ease both cable management and  recognition of circuits.
    Self-adhesive fixing accessories also enable quick installation on many surfaces.


    • Safety :
          - self-locking ties so that they cannot be opened and re-sealed.
    • Easy installation :
          - The cable ties have smooth rounded edges for easier handling and safer installation.
          - The bent rounded tip allows easier insertion through the head of the cable tie.


    • Two types of ties are available:
           - Made of clear polyamide, only for indoor use.
           - Made of UV-stabilized black polyamide, for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • These ties are especially advised for a safe and fast clamping of cables inside enclosures
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