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Система управления помещением

LifeSpace Management System

  • Описание

    Система управления помещением Uniq

     Создайте комфортное и энерго-эффективное пространство где ваши клиенты будут работать, жить и чувствовать себя отлично: офисные здания, отели и частные дома. Преобразуйте систему управления зданием в систему управления помещением Uniq - решение, которое связывает все возможности Schneider Electric.



    The Uniq system is efficient
    Uniq displays the energy consumption. In this way, Uniq allows you to monitor energy consumption and active energy management.


    The Uniq system is simple

    • In planning
    • In installation
    • In configuration
    • In operation

    All components can be connected together (almost via plug and play), and many technologies can be combined.


    The Uniq system is flexible

    • In planning
    • In configuration
    • In expansion
    • In modification

    An open system for all building types, compatible with external devices, scaleable from individual room control to a multi-room server system.


    Schneider Electric offers a complete solution which intelligently combines simplicity, flexibility and energy efficiency for

    • office buildings
    • hotels
    • private homes


    While being an integral part of the KNX global offer Uniq LifeSpace Management System is also part of Schneider Electric’s TOP system, a system providing Total Office Performance and seamless connectivity for the building and the office. All parts of TOP are designed to work as ONE, from power and data distribution, to safety systems and lifespace controls. TOP is built on the strong and committed Uniq LifeSpace Management values of simple installation, flexibility and energy efficiency while delivering performance and functionality.

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