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Altivar Easy 610

Привода для помп и вентиляторов от 0.75 до 150 кВт

IP 20 преобразователь частоты для 3х фазных асинхронных двигателей, специально спроектированный для помп и вентиляторов

Altivar Easy 610
  • Описание

    Altivar Easy 610 drives are part of the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader.

    When just enough is just right!
    Fit for purpose products

    Integrated optimized EMC filter and DC choke, anti disturbance and harmonics without options
    Just enough I/O ports quantity, flexible integration into automation system
    Modbus communication embedded, Profibus DP as option

    Compact size: simplicity of integration and reduction of the size of the enclosures
    Easy and quick installation, wiring and operation with the "Quick start“
    User-friendly graphic display terminal: 6 or 20 integrated languages (English, Chinese…) depending on the model
    Duplicate the configuration by keypad from one powered-up drive on another powered-up drive
    Easy integration on an enclosure door: remote display terminal with a Ø 22mm quick-mounting system
    Colored control circuit terminals to avoid misuse
    7 pre-programmed function blocks cover 90% of the pump and fan applications
    Simply start menu cover the most frequently used parameters
    Robustness in any situation (harsh environments...)

    Innovative cooling air flow separate from the printed circuit board to avoid dust and oil corrosion
    Electronic cards with protective coating
    Busbar plating to avoid chemical gas corrosion
    Improved insulation level in power part
    Operation temperature: - 10…+ 60°C
    IP40 protection level on top of the product

    Supported by the service of Schneider Electric, a worldwide leader in automation and control
    Wide availability throughout an extensive distribution network

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