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Addressable emergency conversion kits for luminaire

EVX Ferro Dardo, EVX Power Dardo

EVX Ferro Dardo, EVX Power Dardo

Addressable emergency conversion kits for luminaire
  • Описание

    Convert ordinary fluorescent luminaires into self-contained emergency luminaires. Compatible with many tubes. Invisible, they are concealed into the fluorescent tube luminaire.
    These devices power the standard fluorescent lighting in the event of a mains failure to provide a sufficient lighting level. As a result:

    • all panic is avoided
    • the path and obstacles are made visible for movements in complete safety.
      Each product includes a battery and a converter. It is able to power a normal fluorescent luminaire at a reduced luminous flux during one hour or more.


    Adapted to all building types, these emergency lighting ranges are one of the essential stand-by devices guaranteeing safety of occupants.
    They prevent panic movements in the event of serious problems (fire in particular).
    The light fittings guarantee safety of people in buildings open to the general public.
    By combining Teleur type remote controls with the kits, the battery charge is preserved.
    Automatically actuated in the event of power cuts, these devices (kit +l uminaire) offer a good luminous flux to facilitate the evacuation.
    They comply with European standards
    EN 61 347-2-7 and offer a high level of quality and safety meeting the various prevailing regulations.


    A range dedicated to all public premises : hotels, offices, schools, all shops, 
    Developed to ensure safe evacuation of all buildings.

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