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Программное обеспечение SCADA Foxboro

Foxboro Evo™ SCADA и IASCADA – пакеты программного обеспечения SCADA мирового класса для удаленной связи систем SCADA в самых сложных сферах применения

Foxboro Evo™ SCADA и IASCADA – это расширенные пакеты программного обеспечения мирового класса для удаленной связи SCADA в самых требовательных применениях. Foxboro Evo SCADA поддерживает системы автоматизации Foxboro Evo, в то время как IASCADA на сегодняшний день подключается практически к любой используемой системе подобного рода.

Программное обеспечение SCADA Foxboro
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        Foxboro® IASCADA is a world-class software application designed to enable SCADA remote site communications in the most demanding applications. It provides a scalable, secure, cost-effective operational solution for virtually any process automation system or device in use today on UNIX® platforms.

        The software’s SCADA system components are arranged redundantly to support very high availability applications. Real-time object distribution and management provide object-level redundancy, as well as load sharing, in the master station. Redundant components may include front-end processor (FEP), database, calculation, history, communications, network and workstation elements.

        IASCADA provides an open-systems-based, real-time control environment for the integrated enterprise. Standard interfaces provide low-risk connectivity for high-level industry applications and enterprise-wide integrated solutions.

        • Reduce engineering
        • Cut costs
        • Simplify industry solutions
        • Enable scalability
        • Provide remote access

        • Oil and gas midstream SCADA
        • Multi-Utilities
        • Unixsystem

        - Program’s modularity and distributed nature allow system capacity to grow with the enterprise
        - IASCADA can scale from a single-workstation installation to large, high-performance enterprise systems

        User interaction
        - Users enjoy “operate from anywhere” network connectivity to SCADA database
        - Each remote station has same HMI functions as IASCADAmaster station
        - Operators can visualize data from a wide range of graphic displays, in multiple enhanced virtualized HMI domains
        - Operators can navigate to/from each graphic
        - Supervisory control is managed directly from observed display via presentation of all relevant information
        - Data can be represented by multiple specialized dynamic foreground objects

        Data management and application development
        - Users can archive history data on Oracle Solaris zones
        - An object interface library (OIL) of the application programming interface helps integrates OEM process applications, user-developed application packages and real-time data interfaces using C/C++ programming language
        - Program enables open database connectivity (ODBC) to enterprise databases for corporate data exchange and personal computer desktop applications access using Structured query language (SQL)

        Maintenance and support
        - SCADA process monitor module runs in each UNIX workstation to supervise and report on SCADA subsystems in each machine
        - Advanced support provided via Schneider Electric’s continuously current support, along with multi-control center support capability

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