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Системы безопасности Triconex

Безопасность для жизни – системы безопасности и важнейшие средства управления

Системы безопасности Triconex Системы безопасности и критического управления Когда безопасность и защита ваших активов важны для успеха вашего бизнеса, вы можете положиться на системы безопасности производственных процессов Triconex. Разработанные передовым поставщиком систем безопасности (SIS), наши высокоинтегрированные решения обеспечивают значительноу увеличение прибыли с сохранением высокого уровня безопасности

Системы безопасности Triconex
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        Implementing a Tricon™ CX safety system is one of the best plant safety decisions you can make. Based on the best of proven Triconex™ process safety solutions, such as Tricon and Trident technology, Tricon CX provides continuous operation, superior plant uptime and high productivity in a compact unit. Tricon CX furnishes a lifetime of flexibility without compromising on safety. Its simple mechanical design, flexible architecture and advanced capabilities ensure that as your needs change and expand, your protection can grow with you. Designed and engineered for superior ease of use, Tricon CX is quick and easy to engineer, install, configure, operate and maintain — reducing overall expenditures for capital and operations.

        When safety and economic performance are critical to your success, Tricon CX is a trusted solution:
        • Safer, more reliable, uninterrupted operations
        • Lower investment and lifecycle costs
        • Superior total value of ownership
        • Simple operation and maintenance
        • Compact, lightweight form factor — ideal for applications where space and weight are at a premium
        • Minimized design effort, hardware, cable and installation costs
        • Less engineering, wiring, testing and documentation

        • Refining and petrochemicals
        • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
        • Chemicals and specialty chemical
        • Power generation
        • Pharmaceutical

        - I/O deployment enables centralized and distributed application
        - Choice of field connections options optimizes system design

        - Built-in high integrity and availability
        - Fault-tolerant operation
        - High-capacity handling — in excess of 1 million I/O point
        - Fast scan times (from 10 milliseconds)

        Communications and integration
        - Up to 254 nodes peer-to-peer communications
        - Universal connectivity with all major distributed control systems(DCSs) and process automation systems

        - Advanced input/output monitoring and control capabilities
        - Easy diagnostics for status and fault analysis
        - Software tools for every step of the safety lifecycle (TriStation™suite)
        - Built-in diagnostics and redundancy management — transparent to the user
        - Online modifications and changes, online module replacementand hot spare slot — allow continuous production without halting operations

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