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  • How utilities can optimise advanced metering infrastructure operation

Electric utility substation at sunrise, electric power distribution, electric utilities.
Powerful AMI filtering and reporting capabilities facilitate problem identification and issue resolution.

Utilities today are seeking ways to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. One strategy is to deploy an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) operation, but installation and execution are still challenging. Relying upon a single service provider to manage AMI systems from start to finish is a common approach. Utilities look for a provider that can deliver:

  • Definition: Deep understanding of the utility’s goals when developing the AMI system, as well as a close focus on key objectives. 
  • Development: Strong insight into operational processes, coupled with commitment to developing processes aligned with a utility’s needs. 
  • Integration: The combination of powerful IT tools and skilled professionals to integrate data collected by the AMI system.

To learn more about the benefits of an AMI system and how to choose the right provider, download the Schneider Electric white paper, “The Three Pillars for an Efficient AMI Operation.”

Expert insights from Schneider Electric can help utilities implement an optimal advanced metering infrastructure. Read more by downloading the white paper The Three Pillars for an Efficient AMI Operation
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