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  • Loading a steel slab

    Iron and steel plant

    Saving 36% of total energy consumption, the maximum value is 1.58 M € per year

  • Customer objectives

    • Determine the possibilities of saving energy

    • Reduce energy consumption by key production processes

    • Implement projects by energy service model

  • Project objectives

    • Identify opportunities to save energy reduce energy consumption by production processes

    • Apply a financing plan for the "Off-balance sheet model" ESCO

    • Performance – is a contract (at the expense of the return of funds from savings), payback period 3-5 years

Iron and steel works

About the client

• In a top three of largest metallurgical companies in Russia

• Yearly output of more than 10 million tons

• Increasing volume of supplies for export

Our solution

• Energy performance is a contract (at the expense of return of funds from the savings achieved) to optimize the operation of the exhauster with the technological mode of conducting melts

Payback period – 3,5 years

Wind Turbine sin sunset, china.


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