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    Beverage producer

    A full-featured solution for monitoring and controlling energy consumption in real time, increasing the reliability and efficiency of power supply systems

  • Customer objectives

    • Achieve the goal of sustainable development in energy management segment

    • Management of energy consumption by shop floors and enterprises in general

    • To reveal irrational spending of energy resources

    • Control the effectiveness of implementing energy-saving measures

    • Standardization and simplification of reporting

    • Elaboration of the optimal tariff policy under the purchase of electricity

  • Project objectives

    • Monitoring and control of data in real time

    • Presentation of energy consumption at the level of all enterprise

    • Flexible reporting on energy consumption

    • Search for savings opportunities by analyzing energy consumption data

Beverage manufacturer

About the client

• The largest company for the production of bottled drinks

• 28 countries of presence

• 10 factories in Russia

Our solution

• Monitoring the status of the entire energy supply system in real time via the web portal

• Energy consumption trends in real time mode

• System-wide tracking of energy resources costs

• Power Quality Analysis

• Notifications about interruptions of power supply and possible malfunctions on mail and mobile phone

• Advanced reporting and billing features

• Integration with SCADA, ERP, BMS, etc. systems

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