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  • Grocery Store Produce Department

    International retail trade chain

    Guaranteed saving of energy resources up to 26%

  • Customer objectives

    • Implement the 2025 Company Strategy for Sustainable Development

    • Reduce energy consumption in stores by 25%

  • Project objectives

    • Conducting a detailed audit of the current level of electricity consumption

    • Estimation of potential savings and ROI

    • Determining the most effective measures to reduce energy consumption

    • Elaboration of evaluation methodology


About the client

• One of the world’s 15 largest chains

• More than 15 countries of presence

• Among the world’s 50 largest employers

• 85 customers serviced per second

Our solution

• Energy management of the enterprise is provided with an effective system of energy consumption accounting and control of key indicators of energy efficiency

• Contractual terms of energy resources purchase are optimized

• Performance contract for 5 years with guaranteed energy resources savings 26%

Wind Turbine sin sunset, china.


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