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    High quality products and services for your outdoor substation up to 345kV

    Industry-Leading Substation Equipment

  • Solutions

    VOX Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breaker
    With ratings up to 38 kV/2,000 A/40 kA, VOX dead tank circuit breakers perform well in harsh ambient conditions and require limited maintenance.

    Powersub™ Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type FVR
    These industry-standard outdoor distribution circuit breakers feature arc-resistant enclosures.In addition, Powersub medium-voltage circuit breakers are durable, flexible, and easy to maintain.

    Metal-Clad Switchgear
    This equipment protects transformers, motors, generators,distribution lines, and feeder circuits. Masterclad™switchgear is available in voltages from 4.76 kV to27 kV and current ranges from 1,200 A to 3,000 A.

    Walk-In Enclosures
    Developed for the protection of equipment in outdoor or adverse environments, the custom design allows virtually any size layout or configuration.
Electrical station, energy access, power management.


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Schneider Electric Services is your trusted single point of contact for all of your substation needs. Ranging from small jobs to turnkey design and build contracts, we have a broad range of capabilities to meet your needs.
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