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  • Electrical station, energy access, power management.
    Testing services to minimize billing inaccuracies between new, high-accuracy meters and existing equipment

    Instrument Transformer Services

Diagram: Instrument Transformer

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  • Solutions

    Current/Potential Transformer Verification (CT/PT)
    • Current transformer verification (CTV) dynamically verifies the accuracy of existing installed current transformers or the full CT measurement channel
    • » Performed as a service on an energized system with no need for outage or on de-energized CT (primary injection)
      » Findings can be used for compliance documentation or for correction and/or upgrade
    Accuracy Improvement of Metering Systems (AIMS)
    • Dynamically verifies and improves the accuracy of existing revenue metering points
    • Results are an industry-compliant metering solution with the highest possible end-to-end metering
    • Dynamically reclassifies existing relay-class CTs for metering applications
    Current Transformer Reclassification (CTR)
    • Eliminates the need for costly CT upgrades for new metering points
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