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  • Sustainability consulting between two construction workers, energy efficiency, water management.
    Field Services within Oil and Gas Electrical Installations

    Field Services within Oil and Gas Electrical Installations

Предприниматели ищут планы эффективного использования энергии, обслуживание в условиях эксплуатации


Optimizing capital expenses, minimizing downtime, and reducing maintenance costs — these are common needs of every oil and gas installation. And in such an energy-intensive industry, energy management only grows in importance with each passing year.

Asset Management Life Cycle

Lifecycle illustration, solutions for business, mining metals and minerals, cement production, power and automation, field services.
  • Solutions

    Asset Management Life Cycle. from electrical and process FEED consultancy, FAT and on-site start-up and commissioning, to service plans, training and maintenance, installation assessment and modernisation solutions

  • Value Proposition

    • Expertise in process and electrical distribution minimises cost
    • Reliability and safety through engineering, project management, etc.
    • High system availability, and budget control with complete service plans
    • Maximised safety and security through consultancy
    • Long term operating efficiency with modernisation solutions
  • Differentiation

    • Original manufacturer, design and quality
    • Guarantee of availability -  24/7 delivery of spare parts
    • Key contributor to customers’ satisfaction with our Field Service Engineer who can provide the most relevant information
Technicians with face shields are working on servers, data center services.

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  • Техник линии электропередач с телефоном и планшетом, отчетность в области устойчивого развития, Интернет вещей.

    Maximised system reliability, security and safety, with minimized process disruption and mitigated operating risks

  • pen on a touch screen device for energy management

    Minimized CapEx and OpEx

  • The chrome arrow aspire to sky, arrow pointing upward, energy efficiency.

    Enhanced operating efficiency and plant availability

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