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  • Interior structure of a Prefabricated Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers
    Safe reliable quality power with reduced lifecycle costs.

    Electrical Distribution Solutions

    Safe, Reliable, and Quality Power with Manageable Energy

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  • Use of safe, reliable and quality power.
  • Minimize the reliance and impacts of energy.
  • Modernization of aging infrastructure.
  • Extend the life of assets and technology investments.
  • Work with a team experienced in both power and process.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric offers a complete range of electrical distribution solutions to help you safely maintain the highest system reliability, availability, and efficiency.
  • Value Proposition

    • Safe, reliable, quality power
    • Renew instead of replace to reduce costs and downtime
    • Maximize energy efficiency and power quality
    • Lower lifecycle costs and extend life of assets
    • Improve personnel safety
  • Differentiation

    • Recognized as a Trusted Industry Leader
    • Comprehensive scaleable power solutions
    • Specialized and industrial applications
    • Our team is experienced in energy, power delivery and process
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Process equipment along with associated management systems demand safe, reliable, and quality power with little to no downtime. Robust systems must be in place to ensure operations are fully optimized to protect your critical assets and personnel, and to comply with ever-evolving regulations. Schneider Electric is a trusted industry leader with comprehensive solutions for providing quality power, asset and personnel protection, and energy management.
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