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    Secure the public's health and safety by securing your personnel and assets.

    Facility Safety and Security Solutions

    Secure the public's health and safety by securing your people and assets

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  • Compliance with industry standards and regulation
  • Develop a Culture of Safety and Security
  • Provide for Integration and Connectivity of Systems
  • Extend the Life of assets and technology investments
  • Leverage Assets for process control, management, etc.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric safety and security solutions enables you to reduce risk, mitigate liability, maintain business continuity, reduce operating costs, comply with government and insurance regulations and future-proof your business.
  • Value Proposition

    • Manage risk and improve safety and security
    • Reduce operating costs and insurance premiums
    • Integration and management of multiple systems
    • Intrusion detection and access control
    • Leverage video for safety, security and process control
    • Compliance with industry standards and regulation
    • Asset life extension and reduced lifecycle costs
  • Differentiation

    • Over 70 years in industry specific experience
    • Trusted industry leader with best in class technologies
    • Open systems built for compatibility and performance
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Facility Safety and Security-Related Offerings

Schneider Electric has delivered integration expertise, world-class products and industry-specific experience for over 70 years. Our effective, efficient and cost-saving solutions provide you with economies of scale, actionable information and even functionality outside the realm of traditional security solutions.
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