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  • Man in a desalination plant reviewing sustainability reporting, big data analytics on multiple computer screens

    Solutions exclusives Smart Water

    Smart Water Solutions designed to address specific water industry challenges

Вода течет из стыка между двумя большими трубами, управление водой.


You need to efficiently modernize aging infrastructure and minimize the impacts of energy and increased regulations. You also have to solve discrepancies between spending and funding, enhance your resiliency and response to emergencies to ensure public health, safety and security.
Аэроснимок водоочистительного сооружения в округе Декалб, штат Иллинойс, управление водными ресурсами.

Smart Water Exclusive Solutions

Using data to improve the efficiency, longevity, and reliability of assets


  • Альтернативный текст по умолчанию SWAN, the Smart Water Networks Forum, is the meeting point for water thought leaders with more than 70 members from 22 countries. Schneider Electric is a founding member of this important organization.
  • Альтернативный текст по умолчанию With approximately 300 professionals dedicated to the industry, we have leveraged our experience and expertise to design solutions tailored to address specific challenges faced by our customers.
  • Альтернативный текст по умолчанию Schneider Electric has a R&D center dedicated to Smart Water solution development
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