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    Metering, Power Reliability and Microgrids

    Sustainability consulting between two factory workers in bottling plant, food and beverage.


    You have critical needs around power and energy management. Your resources are stretched in terms of having the right expertise, let alone time, to measure, manage and control your power and energy. You need to go beyond traditional energy management and gain control of your power from top floor to shop floor, or the ability to completely disconnect from the grid in order to improve power quality, reliability and availability. Power management applications provide you a unique level of insight into every area of energy use, for optimum quality and reliability.
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    Solutions for Managing Your Power

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Альтернативный текст по умолчанию Power Management Providing cost-effective solutions that maximize power reliability, while optimizing equipment and energy costs.
    • Пиктограмма Partner Your Energy Partner Energy Efficiency is in our DNA Let us stand with you to maximize your network reliability, optimize power distribution, and improve your bottom-line performance, through our expertise, innovative technologies and industry led solutions..


    • Default Alternative Text Motors consume up to 60% of electricity used in an industrial facility
    • Blue lightning icon One significant power outage can wipe out a years worth of energy savings
    • Пиктограмма Blue man You can’t measure what you don’t monitor
    • Default Alternative Text Up to 80% of all grid failures begin at the distribution level
    • Голубой знак «Энергия» Power Monitoring improves energy efficiency
    • Blue Graph Down icon Save up to 24% in energy costs through demand response and peak shaving
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