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NSX Micrologic is not shared to FE when transferred from EPC

Sometimes, you might face an issue when trying to transfer the NSX Micrologic Trip units from EcoStruxure Power Commissioning tool to Facility Expert.
You might get the error message "Some assets can't be shared as destination platform is not available. Please contact CCC"
Error message

Sometimes you might not see the above error as well. But in case you cannot find your NSX Micrologic trip unit in ALM or Facility Expert then the issue might be as given below:
Issue: NSX Micrologic Trip unit showing the Commercial reference /Product code as 0 in EPC(logs) or invalid characters(?????????) in FDM121

Root Cause: NSX is displaying invalid data for "Product Code" when its Firmware is updated from v1.3.0 to v1.6.0.

The above issue is observed only in NSX Micrologic 5.2E and NSX Micrologic 5.2E alone.
You cannot upgrade this Trip unit from EcoStruxure Power Commissioning tool (From versions 2.23 and below) as well.
Only possible to upgrade this trip unit with EcoStruxure power Commissioning tool versions 2.24 and above.
In case you want to upgrade the trip unit using EPC versions 2.23 and below, please follow the below instructions specified:

How to fix :

1)  Put manually the NSX in boot
a.  Do a power off
b.  Press and hold  “MODE + right arrow + OK” keys at a time during power on (around 2 Sec)
2) Connect EPC to the device
3) Do a recovery with latest EPC version (2.23 or above) thru "Launch Firmware Upgrade" menu

If still you have issues, please contact Country Customer Care

Schneider Electric Saudi Arabia

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