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Single & double breaking fuse-switches equipped with intelligent electronic monitoring

FuPact is a complete range of double & single breaking fuse devices from 32 to 1250 A with advanced electronic monitors for automatic short-circuit and overload fault detection.

  • Features

    • Voltage ratings up to 690 Vac and 750 Vdc
    • 3- and 4-pole versions
    • Test position
    • Mechanical indication of a blown fuse
    • Positive contact indication
    • Fuse monitor device for increased efficiency and intelligent control
    • Fuse compartment with IP20 protection by insulating covers as standard
    • Access to the fuses is blocked when the switch is in “ON” position
    • Reverse power supply
    • Compliance with IEC 947-1, -3, -5, EN 60947-1, -3, -5, IEC 60269-1 to -4, EN 60269-1 to -4, BS 88-1 to -4, DIN 43620, NFEN 60269-1 to -4 and NFC 63220 standards

    For Fupact INF range:

    • Current ratings from 32 to 800 A
    • 7 frame sizes
    • Upstream-downstream double breaking
    • Compatible with NFC, BS and DIN fuses

    Fupact ISFT / ISFL ranges:

    • Current ratings from 160 to 630 A
    • 4 frame sizes for ISFT
    • 2 frame sizes for ISFL
    • Several installation types: mounting plate, DIN rail (ISFT) or on busbar
    • Connection system by cable or direct on busbar
    • Compatible with DIN fuses


    Fully compatible and designed for safety, the FuPact range provides the essentials of electrical protection while delivering advanced features that: 

    • Improve performance
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase flexibility


    • Eliminates need for striker fuses
    • Precisely locates short-circuit & overload faults
    • Automatically resets after blown fuse replacement


    • Easy to install, use and maintain
    • Multiple mounting & cable connector options


    Fupact can be used for various commercial and industrial applications, such as:

    Power distribution 

    • Switchboards of small & medium buildings
    • Disconnection, isolation, locking & primary control of incoming circuits
    • Categories AC21/AC22
    • Public distribution (power utilities) (Fupact ISFL)

    Motor control & power

    • Motor starters: DOL, Star-Delta, softstarters
    • Variable speed starters with frequency converters
    • AC23 for motor feeders
    • Machine types: HVAC units, industrial cranes, hoists


    • Fupact INF