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Web-hosted energy analysis and reporting service

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  • Features

    EnergyView Online (EVO) is a web hosted service that allows you to take control of your costs by providing the information you need to understand how your organization uses energy. Armed with that understanding, you can then take steps to reduce costs through implementing conservation measures, investing in more efficient equipment, or participating in new pricing or load curtailment programs.


    • Pre-defined energy analysis reports for viewing load profiles, usage history, and interval data in both graphical and tabular formats
    • Estimation of energy bills and energy costs
    • Measure and monitor actual emission performance against corporate targets
    • Normalization of energy information to compare similar facilities or the same facility by area, hours of operations, units of production, and weather
    • Web widgets for quick reference and customized dashboards
    • Alarming on user defined threshold
    • Schedules for sending reports via email


    • Easy to learn and use
    • No add-on downloads required
    • No need to install servers and software on site
    • Enterprise access to energy information
    • Cost-effective and rapid return on investment


    Discover energy waste

    • Compare energy usage among similar facilities to establish benchmarks and identify poor performing facilities
    • Normalize facility consumption against weather, production, or any other factor, to measure the true energy content

    Reduce energy consumption

    • Measure the effectiveness of various energy efficiency efforts
    • Use historical comparison curves to determine profiles of day to day energy consumption

    Save on utility bills

    • Compare your usage to your utility bills to make sure the utility is reading their meters correctly
    • Optimize equipment run hours and settings to avoid setting new demand peaks, which can be quite costly
    • Make accurate assessment of what utility costs would be on different utility rates


    EVO is a web hosted service that allows you to measure, report on, and implement energy and emission reduction initiatives.