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Canalis KS

Busbar trunking system from 100 A to 1000 A

Prefabricated busbar trunking for medium power distribution from 100 A to 1000 A

Canalis KS
  • Features

    Canalis KS is designed for medium power distribution from 100A to 1000A with high tap-off densities in industrial and commercial buildings. It provides an IP55 degree of protection whatever the installation method. Consequently, it can be installed in virtually any types of buildings.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Busbar trunking rated current: 100 to 1000A
    • Tap-off units rated current: 16 to 400A
    • Number of active conductors: 4+PE
    • Rated insulating voltage: 690V
    • Protection index: IP55
    • Length of busbar trunking sections: 3m and 5m
    • Surface treatment: white RAL 9001
    • Regulations: compliant with IEC 61439-1 & 6


    Canalis KS prefabricated busbar trunking system has numerous benefits, including:

    The Canalis Concept

    • Easy selection process to choose the right combination of circuit breakers and busbar trunking thanks to the Canalis Design Guide.
    • Product characteristics verified by calculations and tests carried out in our laboratories.
    • Flexible, scalable, modular and upgradeable system
    • Comprehensive range of light, strong and stylish plug-in units
    • Durable within different environments
    • IP 55 degree of protection
    • Weather resistant for all types of buildings


    • Prefabricated elements (Feed units, straight lengths and change direction elements)
    • Quick, light and easy to assemble.


    • New plug-in unit can be installed where it is needed without interruption and busbar trunking under energized condition


    • Fool proof system avoids unit being installed or removed under load
    • Safe and reliable for personnel and equipment


    • Lifetime and no maintenance guaranteed for joining units

    Environment Friendly

    • Halogen-free: Canalis does not emit any fumes or toxic gases in the event of a fire
    • Can be dismantled, re-used and is entirely recyclable
    • Sustainable: helps conserve energy and natural resources by being reusable, recyclable and reduces line losses by 20%


    • Industrial buildings: industrial sites, local small contractors, logistic centres
    • Commercial/Tertiary buildings: shopping malls, hyper/supermarkets, hotels, elderly people's homes, technical schools, sports rooms
    • Critical buildings: data centres, hospitals
    • Marine: cruise liners