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PK Plug & Socket ( Extra- Low voltage)


This particularly complete range of plugs, which are solid, well-sealed and resistant to chemical agents With voltages 20V to 50V & variable Frequencies from 50to 500Hz

PK Plug & Socket ( Extra- Low voltage)
  • Features

    Product range
    The PK extra-low voltage sockets and plugs ensure the non-interchangeability by means of two reference elements:
    • a guide spline on the plug which matches with a corresponding nib on the socket, always at a fixed 6 o’clock position
    • a secondary keyway, also this a spline on the plug, to which corresponds a nib on the socket, at different clock positions according to the operating characteristics.
    Sockets with safety transformers
    • PK Unika Series, for any tertiary and industrial plants and, especially, for combined use with other power systems installed in different ways: one by one, through modular bases or on Kaedra system socket enclosures;
    • PK Isoblock Series, for installations in heavy industry or agricultural environments, where they are exposed to aggressive chemical agents, oils and grease and frequent jets of water or accidental shocks. PG148095


    A complete range of products to supply circuits with risks of direct and indirect contacts with live parts.
    1) Housing made up of Self Extinguishing polymer with nickel plated brass & stainless steel screws.
    2) IP 44 & IP 67 Protection levels & IK 08 degree protection against mechanical impacts.
    3) Easy installation
    • Wall-mounted near the receiver
    • Wander version for flexible feeder cable connection


    1)Control systems
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