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Pro Dimmer

C-Bus™ Professional Dimmers are designed to control incandescent and compatible low-voltage lighting.


Pro Dimmer
  • Features

    C-Bus™ Professional Dimmers are designed to control incandescent and compatible low-voltage lighting. These dimmers are ideal for tight space applications where traditional rack mounted assemblies are not practical.

    Professional dimmer units are available in 5 A (4 channels), 10 A (two channels), and 20 A (one channel) models. Each channel provides independent dimming and incorporates thermal overload and over-current protection. These dimmer units automatically compensate for voltage and frequency fluctuations and employ advanced phase-control techniques to reduce flicker and increase lamp life.

    The aluminum enclosure acts as a heat sink and is designed for easy wall mounting, including keyhole mounts and removable terminals for the C-Bus and override connections. An optional terminal box is available for conduit connections.

    Configuration options include network monitoring of the channel load and network voltages, adjustable delays for dimming levels, and master override.

    • Suitable for use with resistive and inductive loads and low-voltage lamps utilizing iron core or electronic transformers.
    • Quick-mounting design, including keyhole mounts, front and rear cable access, and removable terminals for C-Bus connections.
    • Specialized dimming modes—soft turn on/off and linearized brightness control.
    • Built-in power supply sources 60 mA to the C-Bus network.
    • Compensates for fluctuations in frequency and voltage of power source.
    • Monitors load current by channel.
    • Integral thermal overload protection on each channel.
    • Individual channels can be turned On/Off at the unit or via C-Bus commands.
    • LEDs indicate the status of the network at the unit and the status of the unit’s load and power.
    • Optional terminal box for connecting conduit.
    • Non-volatile memory stores operating status for recovery from a power outage.


    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Market
    • Commercial Office Buildings
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