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Local RCCBs : ID, xID...

Acti 9 xID & ID 125 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) up to 125A

Acti 9 xID & ID 125 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) up to 125A

Local RCCBs : ID, xID...
  • Features

    • Nominal current: up to 125A
    • 30mA sensitivity: additional protection against direct contact (in accordance with IEC 364)
    • 100, 300, 500 mA sensitivities: additional protection against fire and indirect contact (in accordance with IEC 364)
    • Class AC - for normal installation
    • Class Si (New) - for electrically disturbed networks (with harmonics, pulsating DC components etc.) & for harsh environments (presence of corrosive atmosphere, chemical gases, humid location  etc)
    • 4P RCCB is also suitable for 3phase 3 wire installation
    • Conforms to IS 12640 and IEC/EN 61008
    • ISI and CE marked
    • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards: IEC 60947
    • Intermediate auxiliary required for add-on protection and indication auxiliaries
    • ID-125 RCCBs are suitable for indication OFsp auxiliary only
    • Suitable for additional Protection and Indication auxiliaries: ON/OFF, Trip, Shunt trip, Undervoltage trip, Overvoltage trip, Communication Auxiliary


    • Easy monitoring: Earth fault indication on front face
    • Immunity against nuisance tripping
    • New SI RCDs offers enhanced immunity to electrical disturbances and polluted & corrosive environments
    • Ensures no accidental contact with live part – Finger-proof IP-20 terminals
    • Avoids false insertion of cables and loose termination with Pull up terminals
    • Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable & recoverable materials.


    Protection in all industrial and commercial buildings against:
    • Electrocution (in accordance with installation standard IEC 60364 and national standards)
    • The risk of fire due to current leakage into building electrical installations.

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