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    APC by Schneider Electric Surge Arrestors

    Did you know power cut and lightning strikes can damage your electronic devices? 

    Discover how our range of surge arrestors can protect your appliances.

    PM5 Series PM6 Series PM8 Series
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Lightning and power surges can destroy unprotected electronic equipment. Voltage fluctuations can cause keyboard lockups, loss of work and will degrade electronics over time. The new APC SurgeArrest PM5 series is guaranteed to protect your home and office electronics from the constant threat of dangerous power disturbances.
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Active Protection against over voltage, electrical noise and lightning

Two types of fluctuations can affect your devices

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    You will probably not notice the effect directly, but it reduces your devices Life time.

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    It directly destroys your devices


  • Default Alternative Text Continuous protection guaranteed! Even if our APC surge arresters break down because of serious fluctuations, it still continues to protect your devices.
  • Default Alternative Text Stay connected! Our surge arrestors are designed with USB outlets to help you optimize sockets usage
  • Default Alternative Text Indication lights will help you detect if your electrical ground is safe and what us the current surge situation on your lines
  • The Seven Types of Power Problems

    Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software and data corruption, are often the result of a problematic supply of power. There is also a common problem with describing power problems in a standard way. This white paper will describe the most common types of power disturbances, what can cause them, what they can do to your critical equipment, and how to safeguard your equipment, using the IEEE standards for describing power quality problems.

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  • Common Mode Susceptibility of Computers

    This white paper examines and challenges the claims made in literature regarding the alleged high susceptibility of computers to common mode noise.

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    Aerial view of the University of Chicago, smart building.
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