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EcoStruxure ensures continued learning at Bainbridge Island School District

Bainbridge Island School District chose EcoStruxure IT to help ensure continued availability of its innovative digital learning environment.

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Critical power, cooling, and overall data centers’ infrastructure do not represent a headache anymore. These are taken care by the most experienced engineers and industry experts whose experience comes from years of working in the world's most advanced data center – our Customers benefit from a pool of knowledge that is unsurpassed in the industry.
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We can help you define and implement the best solution to increase performance while controlling costs. Our services provide you with the solutions to increase your availability while maximizing your investment. Whether you decide to plan or install new equipment, operate and optimize the existing one, or even renew it, we will assist you in your project to ensure your infrastructure is operating reliably and at peak performance.
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1.  Why is data center power and cooling important?

Power is an essential component in the functioning of a data center. It is single-handedly responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire infrastructure. Cooling, on the other hand, ensures that enough rest is given for the power system to deliver optimum results. Schneider Electric strives to deliver exceptional data center services that fulfill your business needs in the best possible way. Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services provide the support and guidance you need for your data center’s critical infrastructure at business or industrial sites.   Our professionals hold expert knowledge in several fields like data center power services and data center cooling services. With our professionals’ expertise and services, we help you prepare, acquire, maintain, renew, and upgrade all the essential equipment for fulfilling power-oriented missions. We understand that every building requires a different power system, and one solution cannot fulfill every need. Hence, our data center customization services are designed in a way that lets you choose and customize services by your requirements.

2. How to optimize your data center’s critical infrastructure?

Schneider Electric not only provides services but also finds new ways to optimize setups that are already in place. It is essential to manage and take good care of the critical infrastructure installed in a data center. It has a primary role to play in the smooth functioning of all processes in the data center. Schneider Electric helps ensure efficient and sustainable functioning of hardware resources in a data center. Furthermore, we provide data center power and cooling services that help revitalize devices and reenergize the technology, preparing it for better use in the future.