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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.


• A comprehensive safety and cybersecurity plan tailored to your operation
• Cybersecurity protection without negative impact on day-to-day operations
• Access to experts who know how to blend IT and OT
  • Cybersecurity architecture for NERC CIP
  • NERC CIP Assessment Methodology
  • Security Architecture & Policy Development
  • Water Treatment Cybersecurity Solutions


• Secure control network communications protect network traffic
• Application software integrity and revision control ensure that the latest versions and patches are always in place
• Improved asset performance and productivity management ensure optimal network performance, enhanced security, secure data access and timely software updates


• Networks designed for secure operations
• Centralized patch management
• Central authentication, authorization and auditing
• Network and system performance monitoring
• Endpoint malware protection with built-in data loss prevention, device control, whitelisting and host intrusion prevention
  • Endpoint malware protection with built-in data loss prevention, device control, whitelisting and host intrusion prevention
  • NERC CIP Compliance Checklist
  • NERC CIP Compliance for the Power Generation Industry


• 24/7 availability of managed security services
• Rapid incident response and penetration testing
• Reduced effort and risk to apply patches and anti-virus updates
• Secure, automated access to tested and qualified O/S patches and anti-virus updates


• Empower your staff to carry out secure operations for your plant and processes
• Ensure confidentiality, integrity and equipment availability
• Reduce chance of cybersecurity incidents resulting from human error
• Training available at your locations or ours, offering technology targeted modules
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Reduce the threats of a cyber attack on your operation. Ensure that your intellectual property is appropriately protected.

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Cybersecurity Virtual Academy

Find out what steps you can take to keep your organisation safe. Visit our platform for live webinars, chats with experts, downloaded materials and videos.

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