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ESG solutions

No matter where you are on your ESG journey, our team of experts will meet you where you are with a variety of solutions.


Resource Advisor

Now all your energy, ESG, and sustainability data can live in one place, making visualisation, reporting, and confident decision-making easier than ever before.

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What are ESG solutions?

The importance of companies reporting on environmental, social, and governance issues is growing. Customers, employees, investors, and external rating agencies are looking closely at how companies perform on ESG issues. Schneider Electric guides companies on ESG solutions, including data management and regulations, giving resource advisory, and helping to navigate through rankings and frameworks.

How does it work exactly?

Every client’s ESG journey is unique and customised to their specific needs, however, we typically begin by identifying priority ESG topics at the company, industry, and stakeholder levels. This includes gathering and analysing data provided by the company. Then, we compare it to ESG ratings and rankings and find areas to improve. Next, thanks to our experts, resources, and gained insights, we can develop a new strategy to help clients communicate more relevant data. Our ESG services include ESG raters and rankers gap assessment, ESG materiality assessment, ESG exchange, ESG data management, ESG compliance and disclosure, and ESG/CSR report writing.