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Why EEPROM cartridge reference TWDXCPMFK32,doesnot appears in TwidoSuiteV2.20 software.

The EEPROM Cartridge Reference TWDXCPMFK32 is just an accessory and it is not necessary to declare it in
TwidoSuiteV2.20 Software.
This accessory allows to copy the application and after that,user can duplicate the application
in other empty Twido controller.
On the other hand, if user want to expand the memory of Twido controller,user have to use
64KB EEPOROM cartridge reference TWDXCPMFK64 and in this case, it is mandatory to declare it in TwidoSuite V2.20.
If user donot declare reference TWDXCPMFK64 in Twido Suite V2.20 software,the Twido controller will consider that it is
reference TWDXCPMFK32.
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