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How Long Zelio Logic will be able to hold data after Turned OFF and Turned ON.

All Zelio Logic has an internal EEPROM to retain the program and the current value in case of power failure if the
option "Latching" available on the function block has been set.
Some Zelio Logic References SRxB and SRxE have
a Lithium battery to backup Time/Date.
The Zelio battery is not rechargeable. It is a battery type Panasonic CR2032.
The lifetime of the battery given in the catalog is 10 years at 25°C. This value is an estimation at 25°C due to the
consumption of the RTC (Real time Clok)component.
If Zelio Logic Module is Turned ON or Turned OFF,the lithium battery
is able to retain Date and Time for 10 years as this circuitry is independent.
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