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What is the usage of TSXPACC01 in unitelway communication.

The TSXPACC01 unit is a cabling accessory that connects to the TER connector of the Premium/Atrium PLC processor via
an integral cable fitted with a mini-DIN connector at one end.
This is used to:
  1. Connect several devices to the terminal port of Premium/Atrium PLCs. For this purpose, it is fitted with two mini-DIN                                                                                                       connectors, marked TER and AUX, which are functionally identical to the TER and AUX connectors of the Premium PLC processors.
  2. Isolate Uni-Telway signals in order to extend Premium PLC terminal port links to over 10 meters for the purpose of connecting the                                                                                                                               PLC to a Uni-Telway bus.
  3. Adapt the bus when the unit is connected to one of the ends of the Uni-Telway bus.
  4. Set the operating mode of the terminal port to Uni-Telway master, Uni-Telway slave or Character Mode
For more information please refer to attachment.
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