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What mounting tips can you give for single beam proximity detectors with the muting function connected to an XPSCM1144?

Summary of the muting function of an XPSCM Preventa module:

The XPSCM Preventa module muting mechanism allows materials to be transported across the protection field provided by the light guard without its safety outputs being deactivated.
A person cannot activate the muting detectors in the same way and will cause the system to stop if he/she enters the danger zone.

When a moving part, length dM<m, enters the area between the two points MS1 and MS2 , the "muting" input on the XPSCM1144 product is closed (MS1 or MS2 output closed). The XPSCM1144 module then behaves as though the beams of detectors D1, D2 and D3 were not obstructed: "muting" function.

Mounting the detectors

The best solution is to position both proximity detectors on the same side of the guard rather than installing them either side of the guard (see below):
3-wire PNP dark switching only detectors should be used for this function, part number XUB0BPSNLx.
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