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Simulation of a fault on one of the 2 valve flaps (dynamic monitoring) managed by an XPSPVK

The presses used for the cold working of metals must be routinely and regularly checked.

This check also affects the safety function provided by the XPSPVK Preventa module: faults must be simulated in order to test this function.
Method used to check the dynamic monitoring of the dual body valve when this is performed by an XPSPVK module

Caution: These tests must be carried out by suitably trained personnel.

Tests to be performed during periodic checks

1/ Equipment required for these tests
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Piece of insulated electrical cable, min. length 6 cm (internal voltage 24 VDC)
2/ Press in single stroke mode, stop at upper threshold: control the start of the stroke using the two-hand control device

3/ Prior to the slide stopping at the upper threshold, simulate the closing fault of one of the 2 valve disks

Remove the strap after the slide has stopped at the upper threshold

Result: During positioning of the strap, the hold function for raising the slide is stopped (open output 13-14) and control of the next cycle must be inhibited via open output 21-22. In order to start a new cycle, the reset button (between terminals 7 and 8) must be operated.


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