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What is the life of the neon lamps DL1CS3220? What does the part number DL1CS3220SP mean?

Part numbers DL1CS3220 and DL1CS3220SP, which at first sight seem similar, designate products whose packaging and service life are very different:

DL1CS3220 is a pack of 10 long-life neon lamps. Their service life is 20,000 hours.

DL1CS3220SP is a pack of 100 standard neon energy-efficient lamps in reduced packaging. Their service life is 2,000 hours. (SP means Super Price)

There are three variants of the neon lamps and they all have the same properties as described above:
  • DL1CS3220  for Green
  • DL1CS6220  for Blue
  • DL1CS7220  for Orange
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