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How many terminal shrouds do the GS1AP** part numbers contain?

Only one set of shrouds are supplied
Therefore, two sets of GS1APxx must be ordered t
provide protection upstream and downstream of the switch disconnector, 

Part numbers GS1AP33, GS1AP43 and GS1AP63 are terminal shields for 3-pole fuse switch disconnectors.
GS1AP33 for   100 - 160A rating
GS1AP43 for   200 - 400A rating
GS1AP63 for   630A rating

Part numbers GS1AP34, GS1AP44 and GS1AP64 are terminal shields for 4-pole fuse switch disconnectors.
GS1AP34 for   100 - 160 A rating
GS1AP44 for   200 - 400 A rating
GS1AP64 for   630 A rating


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