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Varför fungerar inte Unity simulatorn i Windows 7 64-bitars?

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What I heard about Unity Pro simulator on Windows7 64 bits:

The simulator of Unity Pro V5 or V6.0 doesn?t work when Windows Aero mode is activated!

On some PCs, the simulator of Unity Pro V5 or V6.0 doesn?t run, because in the Appearance settings, ?Window Aero? as ?Color scheme? is selected.

Replacing ?Windows Aero? by ?Windows Basic? (?Standard? or ?Classic?) fixes this issue

How to change the Color Scheme:
- Right-click on your desktop, then click ?Personalize?. (Or, from the ?Start? menu, select ?Control Panel? and click ?Appearance and Personalization?)
- Click ?Window Color and Appearance?
- If ?Windows Aero? is already selected, click ?Open classic appearance properties for more color options?, then in Color scheme select ?Windows Basic?, ?Standard? or ?Classic?

Another possible way to fix this issue (necessary to do each time that the PC is powered on):
- Open the task manager and if dwm.exe (Desktop Windows Manager) is running (it should be!).
Please kill it (twice may be necessary)

We have also found the simulator does work well in Win7 64Bit when only Unity Pro is installed. If this PC ,has Clear Scada software installed from third party it may cause issues with the simulator.

Some already known possible problem with simulation:
Checking if port 502 is already in use.
Modbus TCP/IP will be looking for this port. Port 502 needs to be available.

Nevertheless Port 502 is not visible in the task manager except if the simulator is running.
(Look for Sim.exe in the task manager)
The quickest way to see which ports are used is to open a DOS windows and to
Run netstat -a then you will see if port 502 is used or not.

It is also possible to run the following freeware:
CurrPorts - Monitoring Opened TCP/IP network ports / connections
It display the information about the process names with the opened port...

"   If EMbxRpcS.exe is running in Task Manger, kill it. This is the MB+ Ethernet driver.
(also Gateway MBX*.exe)
"   Psqltray.exe running?
-   Task Manager - dwm.exe. Kill process if running.
"   Is mbustcp.exe running?
"   Concept simulator running?
"   Running VMWare?
"   Could FactoryLink server have the port?
"   Project built in simulator mode?
"   If loop back address ( does not work, try PCs IP address? IPCONFIG
"   Windows firewall turned off?
"   Wireless cards disabled? 
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