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Preventa XU - XUSL4MA light curtains with built-in muting function - What is the partial muting and how to configure

The Partial Muting feature allows to limit the muting function to a number of well-defined beams. You can enable the Muting function only for those beams that are interrupted by the passage of the material (for example: lower pallets at the end of the product cycle). The remaining beams, however, can be kept active to protect the hazardous zone. Partial muting also avoid the possibility to climb onto the object without being detected.
NOTE: This function is only available on XUSL4MA models and must be configured through the SoMute software
The number of beams affected by Partial Muting is selectable through SoMute software, knowing that the first Partial Muting beam always starts from the bottom (connectors side). Only one value can be entered when programming the number of beams affected by this function. The way to configure this function is detailed in the user manual of the XUSL4MA/MB light curtains with built-in muting function.

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