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Easergy P3

Kompakta reläskydd för standardapplikationer

Lättanvända reläskydd för mellanspänningsapplikationer. Speciellt anpassade för apparatskåps- och ställverksbyggare för att spara tid. Från överspänningsskydd till avancerat skydd med ljusbågsdetektion och Ethernet-kommunikation som inkluderar IEC 61850.

Easergy P3
  • Funktioner

    Easergy P3 is our latest protection relay for all common MV applications. It is designed for unparalleled efficiency, greater connectivity and enhanced safety to allow Panel Builders, Contractors and Partners to save time every day, whilst helping to ensure that critical assets and personnel remain protected.With our unique easy-to-use One-Box design, Easergy P3 includes more than 40 protection functions and 9 communication protocols to reduce variation, specification, ordering and delivery times. It is available in two main models which all feature USB front port, Mimic HMI display, Matrix Logic with equations and 9 communication protocols (excludes non-communicating models): Easergy P3 Standard features 40+ functions and detachable connectors Easergy P3 Advanced included advanced protection functions (line differential and distance) and optional detachable HMI Both models are supported by an innovative range of efficient tools from specification to support, all dedicated to help you save time. For example, the Easergy P3 smartphone and tablet application will become your helpful companion in operation and maintenance tasks. Based on more than 100 years of experience in medium voltage protection relays, Easergy P3 benefits from the reliability of our well known ranges Sepam, MiCOM and Vamp.