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How does My Ecodial L 3.4 choose thermal relay.

Thermal relay is only used with motor starter feeder in direct on-line and Star delta configurations. It protects against overload
My Ecodial L proposes thermal relay when these 2 architectures are chosen:
14)       2 products with manual control (the thermal relay is external with respect to the GV range)
15)       3 products (the three protective functions are provided by three separate products)
In other words, when motor thermal protection is not included in the circuit breaker
There is coordination between protective device, thermal relay and contactor. Its choice also depends on: Tripping class (5, 10A, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30) and Rated current drawn by the motor.
All possible solutions are available in a list, the first one is displayed. Further more, the choice of thermal relay in the list has any consequence on the calculation status of the macro-component.
In other words for example, if the circuit is OK, changing to other thermal relay, the status of it stays at

Comment for contactor:
All possible solutions are also available in a list. However the consequence, if user chooses a contactor among this list, is as following:
Changing to manual mode for the macro- component
Calculation must be resumed
Thermal relays list is up-dated.
When a project is reopening, the lists of possible solutions (contactors and thermal relays) are not available. Only the last choice is displayed. To get the list, user has to calculate again the circuit.
Thermal relay is set at Ib motor plus 1 A.
My Ecodial L 3.4 improves the discrimination checking in the case where there is a thermal relay. Now, the tuning of the thermal relay is taken into account.
Display the tripping curves in Curve Direct
Now, tripping curves of thermal relays are shown in Curve Direct if user wants. They are available with all circuit breakers without thermal protection built in. Users take this following choice, YES to display and NO to hide.