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What are the Twido TWDXPCRTC Real Time Clock option adapter specifications?

Published date: 11 November 2019

Twido RTC specifications.

Product line:

TwidoSoft or TwidoSuite

Information on the different specifications on back up and charging time.

The below chart is for the Twido TWDXCPRTC Real Time Clock specifications.

30 s/month (typical) at 25 DEG C (77 deg.F)
Backup duration Approximately 30 days (typical) at 25 Deg. C (77 deg.F) after backup battery fully charged.
Battery Lithium secondary battery
Charging time Approximately 10 hours for charging from 0% to 90% of full charge
Replaceable Can Not replace battery

Note: The Twido was obsolete 12/31/2016 and was replaced with the M221 and the M221 has a replaceable battery.

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