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Web Reporter error when saving reports ION Enterprise 6.0.1

When attempting to save a report in WebReporter the following error is received:

"An unexpected error has occurred.
Your request cannot be processed at this time. If the problem persists, contact the Webpage administrator."

Inspection of the System Log reveals:

"SPRPT_Report_GetReportID has too many arguments"

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.0

Web Reporter

This error is caused when Service Pack 1 (for ION Enterprise 6.0) has either not been applied properly or may have been interrupted in the upgrade process. All indications from the software show that it has been upgraded to Service Pack 1 but the databases have not.

The reason this error occurs is because ION Enterprise 6.0 passes 3 arguments when attempting to save a report. Service Pack 1 for 6.0 passes 4 arguments for the same save.


  1. Confirm the database version against FA218211.
  2. If the database is not the correct version, upgrade the databases using the ION Enterprise Database Manager.

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