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XXMIT block configured for terminated ASCII input written in Concept FBD.

Published date: 26 November 2019

Start The XXMIT block will start on the rising edge high signal on this pin. This pin must be enabled for the duration of the
XXMIT operation.
Command A 16-bit configuration word. In this example, bits 5 & 9 are set to enable terminated ASCII input RS232.
MsgOut Configured as a ByteArray12 in this example. Bytes 1-2 define the number of starting and ending characters.
Bytes 3-6 define the starting and ending ASCII characters.
Byte [1] The number of starting characters
Byte [2] The number of ending characters
Byte [3] Starting character #1
Byte [4] Starting character #2
Byte [5] Ending character #1
Byte [6] Ending character #2
Byte [7] - ...... Not used
MsgLen Number of ASCII characters to be received. This number cannot be larger than the size of the Byte Array
configured for MsgOut & MsgIn.
Port The controller's port through which the ASCII string will be received. (Note: See XXMIT User Guide)
Baudrate Baudrate
Databits Databits
Stopbits Stopbits
Parity Parity
RespTout Not Used
RetryLmt Not Used
StartDly Time to wait after the Start transitions to high and the XXMIT block can begin to receive characters.
EndDly Time to wait after the XXMIT block receives its last character and the Done output transitions to high.
Active A value of 1 indicates the operation is in progress.
Done A value of 1 indicates the operation has finished.
Error A value of 1 indicates the operation has failed.
MsgIn The Byte Array where the received ASCII characters will be stored.
RecCount The running count of characters received.
Status Error code
Retry Not Used

The image below shows the variables used in this example:

The image below shows the MsgOut with the terminated ASCII starting and ending character settings as well as the ASCII text received:

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