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Published date: 04 November 2019

Goals and Symptoms

This resolution provides a solution for configuring Vijeo Designer V5.1 with a Magelis HMI to send an e-mail to a cell phone when an alarm occurs.

Facts and Changes

Software requirement:
Vijeo Designer V5.1 (minimum)
Cell Phone provider must supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

E-mail Requirements:
Target Machine Supports Ethernet
Target Machine has access to a SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Server

Causes and Fixes

Vijeo Designer E-mail can send e-mail notifications to inform users of events occurring on the target machine. An e-mail can contain a text message or a user created form as its subject. You can set up e-mail notifications to be triggered by Actions, Switches, Function Keys, and Selectors



1.1) Configure the E-mail Service and the recipient address.

1.2) For Cell phone e-mail address who supports SMTP you can use the table below as a reference.

Note: Reference table showing the different cell phone provider company with the address. Schneider Electric does not maintain that list and is not responsible if the cell phone is unable to receive the message.


2) Add an alarm Group


3) Create an action to send an e-mail when an alarm is active.


3.1) Configure the action



3.2) You email action should look similar to this one below:


1) Enable the E-mail service in Vijeo Designer v5.1

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