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ION Enterprise PC disconnecting from and re-connecting to the Ethernet network causes 'Communication Error (Please Resolve)' in ION Designer

Goals and Symptoms

ION Enterprise PC was moved from "meter hub" to docking station. After reconnecting to the local area network (DHCP based). After re-opening Designer, a device communication error is received.

Causes and Fixes

Changing the Networking Preferences on an ION Enterprise server without re-booting, or completely restarting ION Enterprise can leave the site communication server in a state of confusion, where it is trying to use the old networking preferences. Testing using ION Setup to try to connect to the meter works just fine. Under this circumstance, a re-initialization of the ION Enterprise services is most likely all that is required. To do this:

  • 1) Open the Services window
    2) Scroll down and right click on ION Network Router service, choose restart.
    3) When the pop-up appears click yes to restart the dependencies.

    After this, Test communications in ION Designer & ION Vista. If communications to the meter have been lost for a substantial period, ION Log Inserter communications (i.e. uploading meter logs) may be heavy displacing ION Designr and ION Vista communications for some time. If this is an issue, you may want to disable the ION Log Inserter service temporarily to enable other communications to occur.


Key words and phrases:

  • restart network router, ION network router service, ION Site Server service, loss of communictions, loss of meter communications


    Last Revised: 31 May 2008

    Applies To: ION Enterprise

    Original Author: LS


    All content © 1992-2008 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL192061 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 06/01/2008, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 06/01/2008
Related ranges: PEGASYS, ION Enterprise V4.0, ION Enterprise V4.5, ION Enterprise V5.0, ION Enterprise V5.5, ION Enterprise V5.6