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How is the SMTP service setup on the Quantum 140NOE771x1 module ?

Published date: 06 November 2019

The purpose of this resolution is to explain how to setup the SMTP service on the Quantum 140NOE771x1 module with the MBP_MSTR (Operation Code 13) to send an email.

Product Line:
Quantum 140NOE771x1

The SMTP Functionality allows the user to send a relatively short email directly from the PLC to an email recipient or recipients. Configuration is done in three areas.

First is the web page accessed by a program such as Google Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer or Firefox.
Access the web page for the module using the IP assigned and any browser software. Select Setup and on the left side select Email After entering the User Name and Password you will see the setup screen. This is where you need to start your configuration. On this screen you need to tell the module the IP of the mail server (note: it needs the IP not the server name). Next fill in the information for the sender ID ("From" field) Recipient ("To" field)  and the static portion of the subject. These are referred to as the Headers.

The second step is to program the MBP_MSTR block with Operation Code 13 in your Unity program to initiate the sending of the email from the 140NOE771x1.

Finally, It is important that the user has notified the manager of the email server and had them set up permissions for the module. If this is not done the server will reject the message from the module.

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