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Can an ATV212 S-Flex with damper control be operated in AFC with the VFD in Local mode?

Published date: 01 October 2019

Wants a  ATV212 S-Flex with damper control to be operated in AFC with the VFD in Local mode.

Product Line:
ALTIVAR 212 S-Flex


Damper control

There are 2 designs of S-Flex that include a Damper control circuit, both of which also include a BYPASS feature.  Check the S-Flex label mounted to the backside of the enclosure door for the design series (SER).  When controlling RUN / STOP in Local mode, both designs will have independent control of dampers.  This makes normal operation in Local mode impractical.  But for temporary or testing control in Local mode, see below explanations.

SER D units:  Damper control will be based on the AUTO START contact between terminals 5-6.  Contact closure will open dampers.  The local RUN command cannot be given until after the damper end switch is closed. While running, a Local STOP command will stop the motor.  Then opening 5-6 will close the damper.

SER E units:  With HOA in the AUTO position, control is identical to SER D above.  With this series design, damper control can also be done by switching HOA between OFF - HAND.  The order of control remains the same.

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