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What is the screen resolution for the HMIPCCP172CB46T14N00?

Published date: 27 November 2019

Looking for specifications for the screen size of the HMIPCCP172CB46T14N00

Product Line:
Configured iPC, Magelis, Harmony

Below is the information about your configuration:
Base Unit Panel PC Performance/Universal (2 eth. Gigabit, 1 + 4 USB, 2 RS232, 1 DVI)
Product Generation First Generation
Display Touch Screen 15'' - XGA
Expansion Slots 2 slots = 1 PCI + 1 PCI express
CPU Performance - Core2Duo P8400 - 2.26GHz - DDR3 RAM
Power Supply DC with interface for Battery backup
Memory 4 GB RAM (2 GB + 2 GB)
Operating System Win7 Ultimate 64 bit En MUI
Storage Device Size Flash Disk 60Gb (SSD)
Slide In Equipment DVD Writer
Optional Equipment Com Port RS232/RS422/RS485
Software None
Configured Code: HMIPCCP172CB46T14N00

The screen resolution for the HMIPCCP172CB46T14N00 is XGA = 1024 x 768

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