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Using Bulk Edit tool in ClearSCADA

Published date: 16 October 2019

ClearSCADA has a built-in tool that can be used to Edit Objects Properties like points, groups, channels, outstations, etc. and Edit Template Property Overrides. This software called “Bulk Edit Tool”. You can use the BulkEdit tool to select multiple properties of multiple database items in ClearSCADA. You can then export the selected properties to an xls file for editing in a suitable application such as Excel. You can then import that edited file back into the BulkEdit tool.

Note: the BulkEdit Tool is used only to edit existing objects. It cannot be used to create new objects.

You can find Bulk Edit Tool in the ClearSCADA installation disk as shown below

The BulkEdit Tool needs to be installed on the same computer of the ClearSCADA database with which the tool will be used.

Edit Object Properties Mode:
After installation is done, open the ClearSCADA Bulk Edit Tool and enter your credentials (make sure that ClearSCADA server is running so that Bulk Edit Tool can access the database) and press Log In. when you start the BulkEdit tool, it runs by default in Edit Object Properties mode.

Browse the database to select the required object/s to export for editing. Select the required properties on the right-hand side and export the relevant database to excel file for editing as shown below

Open the exported excel file you will get something like below

Every class will be in a separate spreadsheet tab as shown above. After editing work is done, save the excel sheet. open ClearSCADA Bulk Edit Tool import your saved file. Import log shall appear like below figure with no errors (Error messages will be in red color).

Edit Template Property Overrides Mode:
To edit the template property override, enter the property override mode as shown below

When you enter the property override mode you will find the created templates in the database. After selecting the properties for override and exporting to xls file you will get something like below:

False means that this property override is not overridden in the group template and True means that it will be overridden in the group template.

Note: With recent versions of ClearSCADA it is not possible to use the super user account to login from Bulk Edit tool (or any other remote client for that matter). It is recommended not to use the superuser credentials to login.

For more info please refer to the BulkEdit User Manual.


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