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How to apply a License File to RemoteConnect x70 Device ?

Published date: 20 October 2019

How to apply a License File to RemoteConnect x70 Device ?

The license file for the SCADAPack x70 device activates the relevant purchased features on the device. The file is provided by your Schneider Electric representative.

Follow the procedure below to transfer the license file to the SCADAPack x70 device and apply its content.

To apply the license file to the device

1- Go online with the device
2-Under My Network, right-click on SCADAPack x70 Controller Settings -DeviceDTM and select         Additional Functions > Apply License to Device.


2-In the “Apply License to Device dialog”, click Browse to navigate to the location where the license file is stored.
    The license file has a ‘.lic’ extension.

3-In the Open dialog, select the license file, then click Open.
4-In the Apply License to Device dialog, click Ok.

* When the license is successfully applied to the device, a device restart is needed to activate some license options.
5-In the pop-up dialog that will appear a click Yes to confirm



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